Why Danitt Development?

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Every year, month, or even week; new opportunities become available because tools that didn’t exist have been made, or decrease in price. To stay on top and out-compete the market, we believe it’s in the best interest of businesses everywhere to make sure they’re maximising their benefit from these advances.

Danitt was founded to help you take advantage of these changes. We help businesses reduces their expenses by slashing the amount of hours to complete a task, by automating repetitious activities, and by increasing control through more in-depth and accurate reporting. We help businesses increase revenue by exposing them to new marketplaces, improving their web image, and by making them products that can be resold or used to improve their services.

Professional yet personable, we want to work with you to produce a custom solution to your unique situation. “When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail” often leads to people with prebuilt products insisting that they are the answer to everyones questions. We’re not selling a fixed product. We provide a service. An often times surprisingly affordable service. A custom web app usually lands in the $5000 -15000 range. Compare that to your yearly staffing costs and the amount of time they spend fiddling around with forms and paperwork. Looks good doesn’t it?



We have worked with many clients and we always like to hear they come out from the cooperation happy and satisfied. Have a look what our clients said about us.