Administration Automation

The amount of paperwork done by the average business is time consuming, expensive, difficult to analyse, and in our opinion unneccesary.

The digital age is upon us, data recording and analysis is no longer the domain of those with budgets to support teams of paper handlers and excel data recorders. The exploding trend of Bring Your Own Device is a paper killer if you provide the right tools for your employees to be able to easily and accurately record information on the go. Double handling of data until very recently had been an undesirable necessity. Timesheets, expense reports, reports to be done by non-office employees are all time consuming resulting in high, avoidable costs.


Streamline your Structure

The way information is handled in your business is one of the key aspects towards it’s ongoing success. Which information you need to see to make decisions, whether it should be raw data or processed statistics, how up to date it needs to be and how much work you’re willing to put in to make it so are all things that result in businesses getting a leg up on their competition. The way all of this is done is unique to each business and is determined by both external factors as well as the style of management. This is why premade products are often unavailable for your needs. Your setup and the way you operate is unique to yourself, is what makes you different, and having to adapt to the limitations of off the shelf products is a sure way to lose that difference.


Have your say in the Design

We offer a flexible approach to design that allows you to see how the app will look and make revisions before we start coding. It’s much faster and cheaper to contribute input here than after the product is built. If you are a designer yourself or have your own design team you would like to work with, we are more than happy to turn those in to a finished product and only charge for the work we do.

Reliable Hosting

Our hosting is predominantly with AWS, a cloud hosting service. Cloud hosting means that your sites uptime and load speeds are not directly tied to any one server. This is the same service used by large web centered companies such as Netflix, DropBox and of course If you prefer to host yourself we are more than happy install your site on to a server of your choice for you or just send over the files so you can handle it internally..

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